When I first started this blog in 2011, it was a completely different idea. Dante’s Opinion was the name and it was where I addressed some issues of the day with a little catchphrase “And that’s just my opinion!”. In August 2012, I relaunched the blog as DALANEL. It started off slow until the hit series “Daily Good Stuff” started popping up.

Plenty of highs and lows. On the 15th of February of that year (2011), I wrote my first post. Looking back at it, it’s very fitting as that’s one of the very few things I pride myself in knowing.

I’m really happy at how far DALANEL has come. The people love me, they really do. I’ve always told myself I would market this blog more often, I can never do it. There is a lot of good content here that can really impact people. Ironically, the name of the blog might be a drawback and I’ve been debating whether to change it or not. At the same time, I’ve spent time building the DALANEL brand so I don’t know if I should change it now.

In any case, DALANEL is an acronym of my full name. It’s cute like that.

DALANEL is the heart and soul of my blogging…my writing. This is my baby; my legacy for now. This is my best and I always drive people here before my book or other sites I write for or own.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey and hope that you stick around. This year should be the best yet. Looking to break some records, baby!