Yeah so as you know, I’m the head of the Abundant Life Fellowship Lighting Crew. As head of such a ministry, I’ve pushed us to be on social media and have even established a site for them.

I’m going to tell you why you should follow us.

First of all, it’s more of my blogging! If you’re following this blog or me on social media, you have probably seen some lighting talk from me. When you consider that my goal for that blog is to be a light, just like DALANEL is, you may consider it’s worth your time.

Lighting is something that’s not appreciated much and, in some cases, simply not understood. My team is trying to educate on the power of lighting. We specialize with theatre, but, we’ve been growing into TV lighting since our church does do live streaming of their services.

You get to see cool videos of various lighting effects whether they are strobes, flames, pars, followspots (you know them as spotlights), we have quite an inventory. We’re just getting started.

So, now to link you to where you need to be.

We’re on Twitter.

We’re on Facebook.

We’re on Google+

We’re on Instagram (sort of)

We’re on WordPress!

So, follow us and make your feed a little brighter!