Our mini series continues with the top five Bible verses about light. You ready?

Today we have Proverbs 13:9. It says: The light of the righteous rejoices, But the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

Okay, now that was quick, but this is a Proverb, so it must be worth something, right? It appears that this verse goes on a somewhat different path than other verses we’ve seen. Before, light was good, and darkness was evil. This verse seems to imply that there is good light and bad light and that the bad light will be put out while the good light thrives in joy.

Can that make sense? Well, it’s the Bible so yes. The real question is, do I understand that?


Anyway, this verse is saying that good people will thrive and bad people will fall. It’s really that simple. But, why? Easy answer is God’s people will always prevail. So easy.

Y’all are welcome to share your thoughts though, as usual.