This is the Bible verse I use to motivate my lighting crew, as I’ve talked about a couple of times before. Here: Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and honor your Father in heaven.

I’ve broken this verse down in so many ways. Ultimately, this “light” that Jesus speaks of is, to me, the light of the Holy Spirit even though He’s not on earth at this time the way we know Him today. Still, there is an inner light in all children of God and it must shine.


Because in all we do, it must be a reflection of God the Father. People are suppose to see this light and know God. Know He’s real.

The key here is how you live. Again, this light of yours is shown by your actions, the way you speak, your standards, and much more. And when people understand that you are consistently making it known you’re on God’s team, when they see this light, they are seeing God.

They may not realize that they are glorifying God. They look at you and say “great job, Dante” all the while, it’s really God. Something like that.

I tell my crew to let our light shine so that people see our good works as Christians but, also as Lighting Technicians. Let that spotlight shine. Let that par shine. Let that strobe shine. Let it all shine so people can see the good works of the singers, actors, dancers, preachers, and more. As they see these things, they honor God.

That’s how this verse plays out. Let me know your thoughts.