Regular DALANEL Posting to Return


Really quick, I just wanted to say that Monday Motivation, Tuesday Testimony, Wednesday Word, Thursday Thought, Fearless Friday, and The Daily Positive are returning this Monday.

I’ve been working hard on the Good Friday play at my church. Lighting. And it has been a very…stressful run so far. In fact, I’ve decided it’ll be my last production. Anything can happen, but it just…sigh…it’s a shame when things don’t work out.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Bible Light series. I plan on doing other mini series here on DALANEL. It keeps the weekly posting fresh and keeps the blog active with new material.

With the play out of the way, I have energy to put back into this blog. I need a lighting break so bad. The service lighting launch and the play have really fried my circuits. I thought about stopping lighting altogether but the service lighting is too new and my team is not ready to be on their own so I have to keep pushing on.

Let’s not forget other stuff going on like work and school. Just a lot going on. In a drastic scenario, where lighting vs writing comes into play, lighting would lose very easily. As I’ve said plenty of times before, I would rather write a play before I light it.

Anyway, DALANEL is ready to make a comeback. I hope you missed me because I’m gonna be in your face.


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