I Don’t Know What Happened!

Hey guys. I don’t know how this happened but I went all of May with nothing new coming from DALANEL. May was an interesting month filled with a lot of time consuming work. I did some restructuring of my other blogs and DALANEL continued to sit here.

But, it didn’t stop you from viewing the posts. My best viewing day of the year came in May. Alright, then. When you think about it, it’s okay that I don’t post all of the time. It’s sort of like TV. You get enough episodes in to meet syndication standards. I have enough timeless material that it’s consistently getting action. It’s still impacting people. The motivations, testimonies, sermons. That stuff still works.

Even the funny stuff from the blog’s early days still get high views. All about being timeless. I think what I’ve learned this past month was just how timeless my blog is. Long after I’m gone (or retire from blogging but how could I!?) this blog can still touch someone as if it were first published. Only thing are the news, but that’s another story. Yet, news can be timeless like testimonies of the good in the world.

So, now what?

I do blogging for DALANEL, Dante’s Funny World, Dante Ball, and Whatever A Spider Can. On DFW and WASC, I do weekly posts. That’s the plan, anyway. DALANEL was riding on a weekly post, daily. Yikes. That’s still the goal. However, I realized that there are sometimes when I can’t consistently push new content. So the idea became I should make a weekly post with bits and pieces of what the daily posts are. Something to keep the blog active in my busy times.

So then I had to figure out content. Let me pause here by saying this post could amazingly act as a how-to for creating weekly content for your blog, or at least show you my process. Anyway, we look at motivation, testimony, sermons, thoughts (barely!), and heroes (good news). What kind of content could I look into that would be a powerful weekly post? Something new entirely?

I got the thinking that I would do good news again. Back in the early DALANEL days, there were two posts: Weekly Funnies and then Weekly News. Weekly Funnies lives on at DFW, so I figured I’d bring back Weekly News for DALANEL, since this blog’s main mission is to counter the “bad” news of TV and other media outlets. I would call it, Weekly Good News, of course. I can theme the posts. One week could be about animals (not a fan of those stories though…yeah). Another could be heroes. Kind strangers. Really spice it up because I don’t like the same EXACT thing gong on, unless it truly works.

I have yet to determine what day of the week this weekly feature would appear. I have something for Monday and Wednesday for my other blogs so maybe I’ll go Friday.

So yeah, I didn’t abandon the blog or something. It would take a lot to let this go, and, like I’v said before, DALANEL is going to be the last blog standing in my life if/when I truly hang it up.


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