Thursday at 2 pm recently shared new ways at looking at site stats. From what I see, Thursday is my move viewed day and 2pm is my most viewed time.


I don’t know why this is. Also, I can only see the top day of the week and the time. I don’t see what is second, third. I don’t see the numbers; I only see percentages.

So, I’m curious if this is legit and if I can take advantage of this. Perhaps save my best for this time slot. Perhaps continue my plans from before. I have this feeling that Thursday is historically the day I post the least on the blog, so this is all surprising.

2 pm is not as surprising. Lunch time reading, I guess.

We’ll see how things play out now that I see these numbers. I might make an effort to post something on this time and day from now on. Maybe I don’t give a f. We don’t know.

Fellow WordPress users: What day and time is your best viewed? Let me know!


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