Police Officers Are Still Heroes

This is my job: To bring a positive spin to the world. We’ve had a wave of cops killing and hurting people. Unarmed people. People of my color. I feel like the media is looking for more stories now than ever to fuel something.

So, of course, now the black people in my circles, who are already skeptical of cops, have a new level of disgust and fear for police officers. I know I’m not alone when I say this: Not all of them are bad people. I believe a strong majority of police officers are not bad people and want to do the best they can. I don’t think race is a factor for these people.

There is corruption everywhere. This is a fact. You cannot escape it. If you enter a situation, thinking it’s not evil like the last place you were at, think again. There is a type of evil everywhere. My job is not to pretend like these bad things are happening. My job is to remind you of the good that’s going on.

With that said, here is a list of recent “good cop” stories. I can only hope it restores your faith in the man in uniform. The hero.

police officer quote 2

Nathan Ernst saved two lives in one night.

It all began on Saturday evening just after 8:30pm when Sgt. Ernst responded to a call of a man who had been found unresponsive in an abandoned home. He quickly discovered the man had overdosed on heroin. Knowing he needed to administer the drug Narcan using a special shot, the man quickly woke up. A little more than two hours later, the call of duty rose once again: this time at a house fire where the heroic cop carried a disabled woman who was bedridden, out of her burning home.

This is what Ernst said:

‘This is what we do. This is what we love to do,’ he said. ‘When we become a police officer, our job is to help anybody in any situation.’

There is strength in numbers. Three police officers worked together to save a boy’s life while having an asthma attack. Bill Tate, James Aspessi, and Jeff Lampson were tasked with saving young Uriel.

As soon as the three officers arrived at the house, Uriel’s sister told them her brother was crying, which the officers took as a good sign.

“It was a good sign that the boy was crying, officer Bill Tate told the Courant. “That was a relief to us because the initial call was that he wasn’t breathing.”

But the situation quickly deteriorated.

“It was the worst day of my life,” officers James Aspessi, told the WFSB. “He was in a frantic state. He was stating he couldn’t breathe … he couldn’t breathe. He seized up. His jaw locked. And … he had no pulse.”

But, they worked together to keep the boy alive before paramedics arrived.

One officer tried chest compressions, another opened the boy’s airwaves. while a third got out an automated defibrillator device, thinking Uriel might be having heart issues.

“I just remember James saying to the child, ‘come on buddy, come on buddy,’ while he was doing CPR,” Tate told the Courant. And then Lampson said, “I have a pulse. I have a pulse now. We were amazed it was happening.”

One more. Christopher D’Onofrio caught a man trying to get a free ride on a turnstile. Then, he fined him, as it was his duty. But then:

Even though his wife paid her fare, Sangeeth Wijesinghe jumped the turnstile. D’Onofrio said the man kept apologizing, telling the officer he and his wife were unemployed and only had enough money for one fare. D’Onofrio wanted to help, so he called a friend who manages a market near the train station. The officer talked his friend into hiring the young man, and after a few weeks of training, Wijesinghe is working 40 hours a week as a cashier — and often another 20 hours of overtime.

It’s easy to arrest someone. But, Chris took it another step forward by trying to understand why Sangeeth resorted to breaking the rules and it ultimately worked out. Teach a man to fish, right?

There are good police officers. Let’s not forget and let’s not be harsh on the law of association.


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