I’m sort of feeling some kind of way and this is some sort of rant. About what? About how some Christians have the nerve to be exclusive with their light or not even share it at all.

First of all, how dare you?

Who do you think you are that you can judge who gets light and who doesn’t? By light, I mean the story of salvation. Telling people about Jesus.

Are we a people who say this: Oh, she’s mean to me so I’m not gonna tell her about Jesus.

Are we only kind to those who are kind to us? Jesus was kind to everybody; even knowing what would happen to Him. Give me a break. He told us to love our enemies. So that’s it. We share out light with EVERYBODY.

Someone had to share with you. Don’t forget that. I don’t care how old you were or who shared it with you. Someone had to decide that, even though you were NOT a Christian. Even though you were not saved, “I still have to tell this person about Jesus”. Sure, mommy did it because she loves you. Still, she could have easily said “Nah, he bit my nipples too hard as a baby. He’ll have to find someone else to tell him”. I personally wasn’t breast fed so this ain’t a true story in my case. Relax.

Anyway, just as someone had to reach down to pull you up, you must turn around and do the same. Jesus did the ultimate reach down: He came down. He came down as one of us and decided to do the ultimate pull up by sacrificing Himself.

Imagine you’re in a pit. A very deep pit. The only way you are getting up is on somebody’s shoulders. But the only person strong enough to hold you is Jesus. Jesus comes into the pit with you, and hoists you up. But, Jesus ends up killing Himself in the process. He died so you may live. He knew He would die. It’s not like it caught Him by surprise, but He still went in the pit to get you out. But, in His power and glory, He was able to get Himself out of the pit. He’s just that great.

I’m not saying go into the pit like Jesus did, although He may ask you to do that. I am saying that, there are a lot of people who need help. There are a lot of people who need to escape the pit. It’s dark and scary. You can be the light. You can be the one with the rope. The lifeline. You can do what someone else did for you.

Imagine if Jesus decided He didn’t want to share His light. Imagine if He decided that He was too good for us. He is too good for us, but what if He decided that, because of how great He is, He didn’t want to be bothered with lowlife people like us?

Christians need to love everybody and share their light with everyone. We can’t be scared of being rejected. Jesus wasn’t. He knew not everybody would accept His gift of life, but He went through with it anyway. We must also reach for everybody that we can. Some people will look at us like we’ve lost our minds. Some might say “I’ll do it myself”. Others might say “Buddha is the way”. You still reach. You still reach until you or that person is dead. That’s the only time when there’s not hope.

Jesus spends all of someone’s lifetime trying to get them to accept His gift. He wants all of us to accept us and I’m 100% sure He does all He can short of force for us to see the light and walk in it. Are we going to be somebody who doesn’t want to follow Jesus’ example? But the definition of disciple is to follow.

Look, it’s time we stop playing games with this “you get the light but you don’t.” Stop it. Stop it, right now. It just really bothers me when I see and hear it. We’re not the judge of who gets saved or not. Remember: Jesus died for EVERYBODY. This means EVERYBODY is eligible for the light. So that’s it. That’s the end of that discussion.

Maybe the fact that I’m a lighting designer is why I think about light in this intense way. I don’t know. I do know that it’s important to be a light and let it so shine so that others may see that light and honor your Father in heaven. I know Jesus said to go make disciples and He didn’t say “except for Kim in Sales”.

So go. Now is to time to shine brighter than ever before. For everybody.