I’m going to tell you something that I stumbled upon concerning the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Obviously, you can feel free to disagree. You can tell me how wrong I am. You can quit following this blog.

But, I have to say this because I play the role of the bad guy.

The harsh truth about the fruit of the Spirit is that, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit in you, you cannot produce this fruit. Only the Holy Spirit can produce such fruit.

In case you don’t know what this fruit is: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

That’s Galatians 5:22-23.

This means, if you do not have the Holy Spirit, you cannot love. You cannot truly love. That’s right. You cannot have nor bring joy. There is no peace. Forget about being patient. You can’t truly be kind. There is…there is no goodness.

Shake my head.

You don’t have faith. You just can’t. You can’t be gentle. You have no self control.

The Holy Spirit produces this fruit.

Consider a tree. How can you expect it to produce apples when an apple seed has not been planted? Oranges don’t come from pear seeds. If I put in seeds for watermelon, I’m not expecting corn. That would be foolish.

If we don’t have the seed of the Holy Spirit in us, we cannot produce such fruit. As it is known, God is love. He is, and produces love. He is true love. Nobody can supply this true love like He can without being empowered by His Spirit.

It can be tough to read this because these things are typically associated with good people. So now, with what I just said, it would appear that I’m saying non-Christians are not good people. Nope. That’s not what I’m saying.

All I can tell you is that without the fruit of the Spirit, you are simply not able to produce this fruit. Anything that is not of God is bad news. While we may have good intentions, the harsh truth is, if we don’t turn to God and His spirit, we’re wasting our time.

See, this goes a lot deeper than what I’m saying so far.

As a world, as people of this world, we are looking for that answer. We want world peace. We really do. We want to promote unity and love. One world united and stuff. Whatever.

What our problem is, is that we don’t use the right source to solve these problems of the world. Not “source”. Perhaps tool. Weapon. How can we try to obtain world peace and we don’t even consider consulting the Prince of Peace? That’s my point.

To say we’re bad people for not being saved is inaccurate. To me, these goals of civilization will fail if we are not involving God. We cannot be patient for something…not because we choose not to. We simply don’t have the fruit to be patient. For the unsaved, it’s impossible.

So what about Christians? We’re saved so I guess we’re automatically able to produce that fruit, right? Ha!

As with any plant, you must take care of it. Give it water and sunlight. If we don’t do anything, it won’t grow. So, even when you become saved, you have work to do to eventually produce that fruit.

The difference is, Christians are capable of producing that fruit. They at least have the seed. It can be done. Unsaved have no seed and so can’t possibly produce fruit of the seed.

You get it?

So when I hear about different charities and stuff, I consider the phrase: “That’s a nice gesture”, but, without God, how far can it possibly go? God is the source of life. His fruit is goodness. He is goodness and trying to promote goodness without Him on board is foolish.

You could conclude that everybody has work to do. I know I need to increase my faith. I know I need to do a better job of being patient. I’m working on my plant. My crop. Crop. Huh. And if I work on that crop, at some point I will receive the harvest. The seed is planted. It must grow as it’s been promised to me on the condition I do what I need to do.

The unsaved…

The seedless…

The fruitless…

I encourage you to welcome the right seed into your life. You have been expecting an apple, and the world gives you seeds that grow into oranges, pears, corn, and other things. But, in order to produce apples, you must first receive the apple seed. See what I mean, here?

So, again, do not take this as saying you are bad or even your actions are bad. I believe that we as a people have good intentions for the most part. If I didn’t believe that, this blog would have died a long time ago. Do yourself a favor: Put down the rake. Pick up the ax because that’s probably a better tool to cut down the tree. I know you really want to cut down that tree. You really want to use it to build houses for the homeless. Your intentions are good. But, you can’t cut that tree down with a rake. Stop it. Grab the ax and start swinging.

I’m not gonna leave you hanging. Visit my page Accept Jesus if you want this fruit. It’ll tell you the basic steps on how to make that happen.

For the ones who have the Spirit, keep watering and feeding your plants. We will reap the harvest at some point.