Dante’s Optimism

For about a year, I’ve considered a blog name change. I didn’t go through with it because the DALANEL hashtag was very dominant and the brand seemed too big to kill off.

However, I have now decided to change the name of the blog to Dante’s Optimism. This better matches other blogs like Dante’s Funny World and Dante’s Blog Network as well as Dante Ball.

Let’s go ahead and confirm: I’m full of myself.

If you didn’t know, DALANEL is an acronym of letters from my first, middle, and last name. DA for first name, LA for middle, and NEL for last. The blog was about me, so I named it about me. As time has gone though, I have changed the theme of the blog to good news and positivism. With that said, DALANEL was a name I gave the blog because it represented who I am as a blogger. Dante’s Optimism will do the same thing.

DALANEL doesn’t die, however. I’m still on dalanel.wordpress.com. I’m still going to tag things DALANEL. The only real possible change would be that this tag would appear on everything I write in my blog network. So, my humor and sport blogs would see the DALANEL tag. The DALANEL tag then represents “posts by Dante”.

Plus, Dante’s Optimism has a nice ring to it. You now “visit Dante’s Optimism” just like you visit my funny world. You want my optimism. You like my optimism.

So, there it is. Welcome to my optimistic world. The tagline remains the same: Bringing A Positive Spin on the World.


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