I’ve had just about enough of the shootings, and I think you can agree. I found myself barely reacting with the Charleston church shooting last week. Isn’t that sad? I live in a world where violence is the norm and it’s tired.

I had to shake off that despair and write this post. Stay optimistic. Keep your head up about the world. I can only tell you that there is good in this world. I ain’t gonna try to say “it ain’t bad” because it is. But, there is good.

Only you can control how you feel by controlling what you see and hear. Stay away from the 6 o’clock news for a minute and visit a good news website. Get a different perspective or you’ll turn cynical. You don’t want that.

Stay optimistic. But also, and I know you’ve heard it before: Be the change you want to see. Go against it, like I do with this blog. Each person can use the talents and gifts they have to fight whatever is going on.

Don’t give up on the world yet. Stay optimistic.