We Are Overdue for a Good News TV Channel

I’ve had enough!

I’m pissed off at people. Us. The population. News stations report what they think will get the most buzz and views. Same with TV shows and movies and more. In the end, everybody is selling something and, if nobody is buying it, they will shut it down.

We keep buying the sick news. The molesters. The killers. The racists. We keep buying it so news outlets continue to make sure it’s front page.

Isn’t it time we start buying a good news station? Isn’t it time something on TV promotes the good news that’s going on? An entire TV station with positive stuff going on. Remember shows like Extreme Makeover? TV shows that inspire instead of hate.

It’s time we hear AND see the good cop do a good deed. Let the other folks talk about the killings. I am not saying they should stop. I’m saying there needs to be more balance and it starts with us, the buyers.

If we start viewing more and more of the good news, people will take the hint and start promoting good news. I want us to get tired of good news and shrug when we hear about that hero. Stuff is happening every single day and we need to know about it so our spirits don’t die with the negativity.

For the love of…look, there are too many people with too much money. Somebody has to be willing to do it, but only if there is an audience. So, we have to be a hungry group of people, ready to devour the product.

It gets tiresome looking for good news to post. Are you kidding me? I have to really dig around to find some stuff. I’m tempted to be lazy and visit other good news sites but I generally do my own research. I sometimes can’t believe how far I have to go to get what I need. You type in “hero” and you’re lucky to find one. You type in “killer” or even just “kill” and it’s front and center who killed who and when and where before you even hit the link.

F that.

I’m tired of it, man. We need a Good News TV Network. GNTV. I don’t know what to call it, but call it something and let’s make it happen. So, for your sake, make it happen. Are we really just gonna sit down and accept this? Are we really?

It’s easy for me to check out, honestly. Heck, I’m going to heaven one day. I don’t have to care, right? Wrong. I know things will be better for me, but that doesn’t mean try something now. Otherwise, this blog is a waste, and I’m pretty sure 1700 people agree with me or they wouldn’t be following me and my posts.

So the heck are we waiting for? Me? Some random black guy? Is that how you want it to be?

Oh wait…is this current life the one you wish to live? You…you like all the sick stuff going on and don’t care to know about the good? Is that it, boo? Do me a favor and stop complaining then. If you’re seriously not trying to do something, and all you do is complain, I’m out. We’re done here.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. I’m doing what I can. People that know me will tell you I rarely talk about “current events”. Oh yes, I’m aware of them and perhaps I’ll make a small comment about them. Oh yes, these events are important and you need to understand and be aware.

But, I also know that too much of anything is bad for you. There can be too much good news to a point where you’re naive about the evil in the world. So, we’re looking for balance. That’s all I ask. Balance. I don’t think there’s balance, so I’m trying to tip the scales instead of crying about it, but ultimately not doing anything about it.

So hold on, you’re probably asking “Well, what can I do?” I got some ideas for you, boo. For one visit good news sites like Good News Network and Daily Good. Subscribe so that it ends up coming to you if you find yourself not able to consistently go to it.

Share the stories you see on those sites.

Look at my past posts here on DALANEL. That’s right; I’m sourcing myself. Look at my featured posts and be motivated. Look at testimonies. Read about the good news going on.

Clean house on people you know. If there are people that go on and on about the doom, it’s time to take in less of their voice. If you feel your outlook on the world grow dim after conversation after conversation with that person, it might be time to cut them loose for a time.

Take time to read quotes. Inspirational quotes. (Maybe DALANEL has some of them!). Focus on those and perhaps share them with others.

Strike while the iron is hot. After a series of seemingly racially motivated killings of blacks by while police officers, I made a post about how police officers are still heroes. Be the contrast of the negative you hear.

If we all keep spreading the good stuff, we can help balance things out. You can do something, and you have to believe that. You have to believe that. You must believe it. Fight with me. Let’s go.


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