I…I probably uh…I probably over extended myself on social media. Here’s the thing: I don’t really care for social media. Well, the social part. People don’t believe it when I say I prefer to sit alone in a corner blogging away.

I established myself on social media in accordance to WordPress.com sharing. That’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, and Path. I love Path, but I don’t have any connections because nobody else in my circles have it. With a friend limit, I’m not gonna just add anybody.

Anyway, I mention Path because my app lets me connect to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Oh, and Foursquare too. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will focus on those three sites to continue building my brand. Path will be the central hub. So, when I post on Path, it’ll show up automatically on-

Oh gosh, you already know how that kind of stuff works.

So, this means that I will be spending most of my energy updating those three sites. So, what about the rest? Google+ and LinkedIn? Eehhhhhh……….uuuuhhhhh…….I’ll probably leave the connections alone. WordPress will still publish there; but my voice will not be present.

When you’re on multiple platforms, each one needs attention consistently, ya know? Technically, each site has a different need. Twitter and Facebook updates aren’t usually the same thing, especially considering the character limit in Twitter. Tumblr is more like a blog like WordPress, so an update there would probably look weird. Still, I’m gonna post from Path, and see what happens.

Twitter is still my number one stop spot, mainly because of my Sixers tweeting. If not for the Sixers, I wouldn’t be active on any social media platform. I killed off my personal profile on FB and settled for a page. That’s just how I’m rolling.

It’ll save time to post once and hit three audiences at the same time. Looking forward to that.

So, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, AND Tumblr. I love you and keep pushing.