The Daily Positive: 18 Heroes Awarded Medals

18 people are going to be awarded medals for their acts of bravery and courage. I’m going to share just three stories but the link has all of the stories.

Martin V. Hohenstein came upon a woman trapped in her SUV after an accident on the highway in Dakota City, Nebraska. Fermin Urenda, 40, had struck a pole and her car had burst into flames. Hohenstein, 51, was driving by when he saw the scene and tried to help. He saw that the woman’s legs were trapped under the dashboard.
He also couldn’t open the driver’s side door, which was jammed shut. Hohenstein made several attempts to open the vehicle despite intense heat and flame. He was finally able to pull Urdena free after multiple attempts just as the car was destroyed by fire. Urdena suffered burns but is alive.

Then we have this:

Hattie Fowler, 6, was in the bedroom of her family’s Jacksonville, Florida mobile home when fire broke out in that room. The little girl stood near her window and screamed for help, grabbing the attention of Robert A. Pritchard, Jr., 13, who was passing by. Despite the flames and smoke, Pritchard entered the home and grabbed the girl and was able to run out just as the home became engulfed in flames.
Four members of Fowler’s family died in the fire.

Last one I liked:

Kimberly Lynn Groves , 52, was working at her office building in Winter Park, Florida when she and her coworker, Jamison S. Koczan, 38, heard a woman screaming for help.
In the parking lot, they saw that a man was threatening a woman with a gun and trying to keep her from fleeing his car. Both ran from the building to try and help. Koczan managed to get the woman from the car despite threats from her husband. Meanwhile, Groves grabbed the woman and ran with her to the office building, where she locked the two of them in a private office.
The husband forced his way into the office and demanded his wife while threatening them both with the gun, but Groves refused. He eventually fled the scene and was arrested.

I liked them all, and I think you will too.



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