The Daily Positive: Family Pays for Strangers’ Meal

act of kindness

Huh, this was an odd story as I began reading. But, it’s a good one.

25-year-old Lisa McConnell had just finished a meal at the Barbican Pasta Bar on Saturday evening with her two friends, Amiee and Amanda, and was about to pay her bill at the bar when staff informed the trio that the tab had already been picked up by another customer.

While staff withheld the identity of the mystery diner, it was only when the three girls exited the restaurant that a woman revealed it was her husband, sat at a nearby table with his family and friends, who had generously paid the bill.

The woman later explained why they decided to pay for the dinner:

Choosing to remain anonymous, she said: “We don’t want anybody to know who we are, but I saw the story and I just thought what a wonderful thing for them to try and do to reach us.

“But it was thanks enough just seeing their faces on Saturday evening. The reason we decided to pay the bill was because we were out with our children and, as has happened before, we were concerned other people might use bad language.

“The girls were just so pleasant the whole evening and it was refreshing to see a group of youngsters enjoying their evening in such a polite manner.

Read the whole story.


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