There Is A Storm Coming. A Positive Storm

Look in the skies. I hope you have good insurance coverage, because there is a storm coming. It’s brewing for quite some time, but forecasts weren’t completely sure of its impact until now. Next Friday, July 24th, there is a storm coming to the internet.

My sources tell me that this storm is actually a helpful one. A positive one. Apparently, such a storm isn’t rain or thunder. This isn’t a hurricane or tornado. This is a storm of good news. The impact of such a storm is constant. Apparently, every hour of the 24th, there will be a good or positive news story published.

Experts say that this storm is running at the same time as another storm on Dante’s Funny World. Both of these storms seem to be on purpose though. This isn’t a random occurrence. The owner of this blog and Dante’s Funny World is sending this storm as a representation of a birthday. His birthday.

What better way to celebrate blogging and birthday than to party all day long with posts that make these blogs as successful as they are?

We have a quote from the owner of the blogs

I’m trying to prepare for this storm. In order to do that, I gotta shut my daily posts down for a time so I can pull all resources to survive the storm.

Interesting. So, what about you, the readers? How can you survive the storm? Well, you can always turn on alerts so that when the storm makes it hourly strike, you’ll know it. F5 is your friend. Do what it takes so that this storm doesn’t pass you by without it impacting you. Yes, you need this storm. We all do.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunker to hide in.


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