It’s my birthday today, in case you were wondering. So, this piece of news at this time is something I can connect to.

“I just felt like I needed a birthday cake, so I just took myself and my power chair and my debit card and I decided to go down there and get me a birthday cake,” she told

But her motorized chair stalled along the way. That left Richardson, who uses the wheelchair because of damaged knees, stranded. The temperatures were nearing 100 and she had no cell phone. Someone driving by called 911, requesting help for a woman she saw crying into her lap.

So then what?

Oklahoma City Police Officer Travis Vernier arrived first on the scene. Vernier’s partner, Amy Hanson, then drove up and the two decided to load up Richardson’s broken wheelchair into one of their cars and drive to the woman’s home to drop it off. All three then headed to Wal-Mart, where Hanson and Vernier bought Richardson a cake — a cheesecake, her favorite — and some candles.

Then, a “faith in humanity restored” twist came in.

“I was very surprised. I’ve been very shocked by it all,” Richardson said. “I didn’t know there were still good people around but I’m glad there is.”

It’s a shame that she was living in a world where she didn’t think there was good people left. That’s why I push this blog. There is a lot more to read on this.