Hey guys.

I’ve officially published the first book in a series of books called “Dante Light”. That’s the name of the series. The name of the book is “Building a Church Ministry: A Lighting Crew Story”.

Hit this link to get it from the publisher site. It’ll be a little while before it appears on other markets, although it should be on Amazon in a few days.

As for my old book, Interpretations & Illustrations, I updated the cover. That’s about it. Take a look at the cover if ya want. If you haven’t purchased it, go ahead and do that as well.

Visit this page to see a lot more info about my old book.

The next book in the series should be up in a week or two. There should be a third one, but I don’t know when that will be done. It’s in progress and I would think it would be done it two weeks…the written part. Then the publishing process, which could take any amount of time. So yeah.

Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks.

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