Viewers’ Choice: Top Ten Viewed Dante’s Optimism Posts In 2015

I wanted to share with you what you’re looking at the most. The date I write this is August 20th, 2015.

We’re going to look at posts that are not featured posts. I’ll do featured next time. For the record, here’s featured:

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesday Testimony
  • Wednesday Word
  • Thursday Thought
  • Fearless Friday
  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Weekly Funnies
  • Weekly News
  • Dante’s Opinion
  • Daily Good News
  • Daily Word
  • Daily Positive
  • DALANEL Review
  • Good News Friday

Remember any of these!? Hahaha. Alright, let’s get to it.

10. This Day In Dante History: Becoming An Author

I talked about the anniversary of me becoming an author. This post appeared this year.

9. DALANEL Continues to Fight for Good

Here’s a post that I put up to fire myself up as I continue my struggle to bring a positive spin to the world.

8. The Miracle Before My Driver’s Test

I told you the one about the time I got supernatural help to pass to the driver’s test, right? Would’ve been a good Tuesday Testimony post.

7. Are You A Bandwagon Christian?

Are we following God for the good times and the blessing guaranteed? Or are we all in? Do we do the right thing when it’s convenient?

6. Check Out My RSS Feeds for FanSided

Back when I wrote for The Sixer Sense, Sir Charles In Charge, and, I shared my feeds for those posts on widgets on the site. They’re gone now, as well as me not writing for those places anymore. But, people still look at the post. There is other info in there though.

5. Ten Awkward Moments

This one is all the way from 2013, and still a hit for the viewers this year. The title explains it all.

4. Celebrating My Great Grand Mother’s 90th Birthday

It’s perfect that, so far on this list, this post is the oldest post to date. Actually, second oldest behind number 6. Hit the piece to learn about her a little bit, see some photos, and read a poem I made for her.

3. Dante’s Opinion and Share Your Story

Hold on. Now, I know you’re remembering my excluded list at the start of this post had Dante’s Opinion in there. Well, two things. First, this is about the page I used to have about the featured post. Second, this also talks about the Share Your Story page. I don’t know why it’s this high.

2. Top Ten Funny Gifs

We’re getting funny here as we look at funny gifs. This is another post from 2013. The old heads still got it.

1. Top Ten Favorite Bowling Gifs

This is even older than number 2. I’m sort of glad this post is number one. See fails and trick shots. See more than that as well.

So, those are the top ten viewed non-featured posts for 2015…so far. Is there a favorite you have here (most likely according to views).



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