Viewer’s Choice: Top Ten Viewed Dante’s Optimism Posts in 2014

Check out the top ten for 2015.

Let’s do 2014.

10. How The Worst Moment Of My Life Made Me A Better Person Part 1

There are three parts (Part 2 is in 11th place). The title tells you all you need to know. This plays into how this blog was born.

9. Invitation to A Christmas Cantata

I don’t understand why this continues to get views. There’s almost nothing positive to say about this. Oh crap.

8. DALANEL Offers Odd Words of Wisdom You Probably Shouldn’t Take Seriously

One of my favorite posts of all time. Just one of those creative days I had and wanted to share with you. Need a nice laugh? There you go.

7. Check Out My RSS Feeds From FanSided

Recognize this post? For 2015 views, it is actually in 6th place. That’s…interesting.

6. Celebrating My Great Grandmother’s 90th Birthday

Oh my. For 1015 views, this post landed 4th. So, like the FanSided post, this got better from 2014.

5. The Miracle Before My Driver’s Test

Huh, another post that was also in the top ten for 2015. It was 8th so it dropped from 2014.

4. Are You A Bandwagon Christian?

Here we go again with another post that is best viewed in 2015. This year, it sits at 7, so it had a drop.

3. Top Ten Favorite Bowling Gifs

This year, this post is the number one viewed post. Interesting it’s only third here.

2. Dante’s Opinion and Share Your Story

Interesting twist here. This post was number three in 2015. This post was published in 2014, so from the start, it has been a favorite.

1. Top Ten Funny Gifs

Of course. So far in 2015, this is number two. This means the top three viewed posts from 2014 and 2015 consist of the same posts. This also means you all are very consistent in what you view.

Considering that the top seven of 2014 all make appearances in 2015 also adds to the consistency.

Now, I’m going to do 2013, but 2013 was a very slow year. That was the year of the Daily Good Stuff era, which took up the majority of views for the year (and every year since).




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