The truth behind a lot of the evil in this world can disturb many.

I’m not going to mention any current national news going on, because I would rather this be a timeless, generic piece.

Despite the violence going on. The pure EVIL that’s going on…the things I’ve witnessed. Things I’ve heard about…despite all of this, I am at peace.

I’m sick. Yeah, the evil I run into makes you feel sick. Why would it not, unless you’re completely numb…or evil.

No, me being at peace does not mean I don’t care. Me being at peace means that I know one thing: God is in control.

This sucks to hear, especially when you’re in the middle of reacting to evil deeds. You may not want to hear this and may hate me for it. “Then why didn’t God stop it?”

God lets everything play out for a reason. If He stepped in on everything, we would never really have control over anything. So, God allows us to reach various decisions of our lives that lead us to do good or bad.

Look at this as well: God handed over the earth to Adam. Man. I’m not saying this is our fault, but we govern this world. Adam gave it up, but God got it back…for us. God got it back so we could continue running the show.

Anyway, I am convinced that nothing is happening that is catching God by surprise. He’s not in heaven freaking out by what happened today. He’s completely aware of each situation and, even in this day and age, He is still working. He is still doing work.

He’s not just sitting around. Look at this:

In the first scene, the man is praying, “Lord, protect me…”

That’s what we normally do when something happens.


That’s what happens when we look at the big picture.

God allows things to happen for a reason, but at the same time, He doesn’t allow more than we can handle.

God is in control, and I’m going to sleep tonight. He’s protecting me and my siblings of the faith.