We talk about life on other planets. Aliens. Are they out there? Are they looking for us? Are they friendly?

I happen to believe in other lifeforms on other planets, and it’s for one specific reason: God.

God is the creator of the universe and all that dwells. There is a very real chance that humans are not the only life He’s created. Heck, the earth itself has so much life.

But, what about souls? Spirits? Are humans the only people that posses the ability to be saved by Jesus?

This is all completely a theory…well, hypothesis on the subject. I have no scripture references for you. I only have who God is.

When I think about the idea of other souls out there on different planets, I immediately think about how they too can have a Christian element. Some planets’ inhabitants may be completely devoted to God, unlike this world. Some may be completely atheist. Did Jesus have to die for them all? Just some? Did their version of Adam and Eve not drop the ball? Did they even have a version of the two? So many questions and possible scenarios.

Is it too far to assume that, with all of these planets and solar systems that there are indeed other lifeforms that live and serve for the Lord? Is it?

Is it too far to think that Jesus is their Savior as much as He is to us? Is it too far to think God can’t manage all of this in His infinite power?

I say no to all of those questions. Does it mean that’s the case? We may never know. This can go far. Is there a heaven for each of us, or will we all come together? Likely, we’ll all be together. All of God’s children.

The kicker is this: We are all kindred spirits. So, our physical forms won’t even matter once we’re in heaven. Will we really know who was human and who was not? Will it even matter? No.

It’s entirely possible that there are many other forms of God’s children out there. Made in His image. Siblings we haven’t yet seen. At the same time, we could really be the only ones.

But, I like to think we’re not. I like to think we are truly not alone because I have this weird sense that God probably didn’t do that. Or wouldn’t.

So, if these other beings exist, why don’t we know about it? Perhaps we’re not meant to know. Perhaps we still have to find them, as this is what God wants. Heck, others may know about us. In the end, I lean towards we’re not meant to know if others are out there if only because our generation isn’t ready or God simply will never reveal that to humanity.

Note in the Bible we are not referred to as humans. I thought that was interesting. We’re usually just referred to as children or servants. Oh well, we are known as “God’s people”. Does that count as human? I don’t know. Could we use this as a way to say that indeed God doesn’t care about the physical form? Yes. Can we reach and say that this could also be a universal language spoken to all of His kids in the universe? Yeah, it could be.

We can rejoice in the idea that we are not alone.

Like I said, this is just some thoughts. I’d love to know yours.