Well, the numbers are in and you love the funnies that show up here on this blog. Weekly Funnies and Daily Good Stuff lead views daily and there is no sign of them slowing down. Comedy is gold.

So, perhaps I will bring back at least the Weekly Funnies feature back to this blog. It was one of the original featured posts of this blog (along with Weekly News).

I liked those two posts a lot. I’ve always wanted to do a daily feature but I don’t have the strength to do it. So, weekly it is.

I’m examining the other types of posts here. Motivation, Testimony, Word, Thought (lol), and Fearless. I will look at the views for those and pick the ones that seem to have the most impact. I will then create a new lineup, that only takes up maybe three days of the week.

But yeah, it looks like Weekly Funnies will return.