I’m shifting things around, here. Let’s get to it.

I am keeping Tuesday Testimony. I like it. You seem to as well. It will stay on Tuesday.

I am officially bringing back Weekly Funnies. Not sure what day of week to bring it back to. Looking at jokes and images. Perhaps a video.

I have plans to bring back Weekly News as well. Again, need a day. It will be Good News of course. Looking at three stories per post.

The two Weekly posts will likely have some themed stuff. I like themed stuff and your clicks do too.

I want to keep this as simple as possible. I still keep the news, I bring back the humor that put this blog on the map, and those testimonies are a favorite based on comments and likes I get.

The Weekly Funnies will be nice and clean (in terms of language and images used). The Weekly News will continue to show what good is going on. The testimony will also give you a look at how people are being overcomers and stuff.

Dante’s Optimism lives.

When will this launch? Either next week or the following week. This week is going to be busy as I am preparing lighting for my church’s Christmas concert. I’m also singing in the choir so it’s double duty.