Computer Problems Won’t Stop Me

I recently told you that featured posts would come back. Then I proceeded to not do that. My hard drive failed on my laptop.


Now I am using social media to keep things moving. Specifically Twitter and Instagram (sigh). No I’m not an IG fan. But the type of posts I have planned works well with how IG works. I did connect IG to Twitter so all you need to do is follow me on Twitter so see both.

Alright, so the posts on IG will be classic DALANEL where both inspiration and humor appear. Twitter will likely post text versions of that stuff.

How often? I’m looking multiple times per day. Can’t promise every day, but I want to.

Dante’s Optimism will still be active…I just have to figure out simple posts I can make until I am stable.

Okay, link time! Twitter and IG are both @DanteWrites but IG lowercases everything so @dantewrites.

Follow me. I love you.


Now I want to hear from you

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