Heaven is a perfect place with no problems. Unfortunately, we live in a sick, evil, starving world. This has led to a group of professions that would probably not be needed in the end. Let’s look at some.

1. Medical Doctor

I would imagine there is no sickness or disease or injury in what will be in our new bodies. Because of this, I don’t think we will need various doctors (and nurses and others) to keep an eye on us.

2. Military

I almost went with law enforcement, but God will always be the God of law and order. It was like that before the fall of man. However, I don’t see war. I see eternal peace.

3. Mortician

There is no death, so we won’t need someone to care for them.

4. Farmer…?

This one is tricky. No, hunger will not be an issue. Farmers may actually continue to live on. Thing is, I have this sense God will provide the same way He handled manna in the Old Testament. In there, He basically poured it from heaven. So, I think food will be available and we cook however we want.

Hit the comments if you have others. As they come, I will post again.