I have been given five little sisters (and no brothers…). I have been a big brother for 21 years. A combination of what my parents expect from me and what I want to be is how I created these commandments on being a big brother. That’s all I know.

I: My sisters are forever

This is one mom always stressed. No matter what happens, you have your sisters around. A great deal of my energy goes into watching over them and being there for them.

II: I am an extension of my parents

This is another one from the parents. If mom and\or dad are not around, I become the parent of my little sisters. Some would say I have taken this too far. However, that’s not true. Probably.

III: I must show my sisters who they should marry

It’s been said girls will look for men to marry that share many qualities they see from the men in their lives growing up. I believe this; so I tend to treat my sisters the way I expect men who want to get in their pants should.

IV: I must approve potential spouses

Yeah, right. It goes along the lines of the 3rd commandment. I have to know if this guy is good enough for my sister. Dad does as well. Uncle. We must approve of this dude or he’s gone. I wish somebody would challenge me on this.

V: Opinions are to be given without request at times

They are your sisters. They are your little sisters. You must guide in any way possible, and sometimes this means you must speak your mind, even if not asked to. But, it is still an opinion.

VI: I must defend my sisters

There is evil in the world. People will want to harm my little sisters and you can be sure I will do what I need to, to protect them. Wisdom must be shown here because they must be allowed to fight battles for their growth. Still, you help in the battle. The war of life. But let’s be clear on something…

VII: You break my sister, I break you.

What, you thought things didn’t get ugly? If you harm my sister, I will use every resource at my disposal to ensure your collision with justice. All legal, boo. But try me and see what happens.

VIII: I am my sisters’ cheerleader

I’m one of my sisters biggest fans. I truly am. That’s how it should be. I should be propping them up at all times. Brag about them. Encourage them. My personal specialty is to make them laugh.

IX: I pray my sisters outshine me

I want my sisters to do great in life. But, to be safe, as long as they are doing better than me, I’ll be happy. I prefer to suffer the most instead of watching one of my sisters suffer. I could help, right? But then I would ultimately do what I originally said which was for them to outshine me. Be better off than me.

X: I need to die before my sisters

Since I am older than my sisters, all things equal in life, I would die off first. Thing is, this is somewhat selfish of me because I want to be gone first because I can’t stand the idea of losing a sister. It’s really a dark place but it’s some sort of odd goal of mine.
Those are the top rules of being a big brother I stand by. Fellow older brothers, how do you roll with your little siblings?