Love: Can You Truly Love?

A question about love is can we love? The answer is: It depends.

In an older post, I talked about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I talked about how, without the Holy Spirit, there is no fruit to produce. The Spirit acts as the seed in order to produce such fruit.

One of the fruits of the Spirit is love. Therefore, the only way to produce such fruit is to have that seed in you. If not, then you cannot love, as the Bible would describe.
If you have no seed, can you produce fruit?

Accepting the seed opens up the possibility to love. Yet, we still must make the decision to love. Producing such fruit takes time. We must water it every day. Practice love. It takes practice, buddy. It’s more than a feeling (I’ll talk about that statement later in the series). We know the definition of love so that statement shouldn’t be a surprise.

Those without the seed may produce something that is similar to love, but it can’t be actual love and it cannot be sustained to be love. This is a dark truth about such a thing as love.


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