Love: Is There True Love?

I’ve been asking people recently in preparation of this post if they thought true love existed, in a romantic sense. The answers were mostly “no”. As a person who envisions dying a virgin, I happen to think there is true love.

I think the original definition of love plays a factor in this. I think this definition covered all forms of love, which is why I love the wording of it. It wasn’t too specific to anything and yet it covered everything.

In any relationship, you hope the person you are with would match that definition of love. Lover, sister, mother, friend. No matter what, we want that love.

Because of that, yes, true love exist. Right?

Okay, but romantic love does have some extra…flair…to it. I think I need more help, here. Let’s look at a biblical reference to the relationship between husband and wife.

Ephesians 5 is really good for this. Let’s break down love for husband and wife.

Ephesians 5:22-24 tells us wives should submit to their husbands, just as the church to Jesus. 25-30 tells the husband to treat the wife as himself.

This is a perfect thing if done the right way.

I think we need more, don’t we? Also, we can talk about what this love is, but we still have to answer if it can exist. Let’s continue.

For a husband, his goal is to basically treat her like his most prized possession…yet, NOT an object. He takes care of her. Listens to her. Supports her. Because she is viewed as one with him, this is very important.

This goes beyond sex. In fact, sex is only a part of romantic love and should not be the center of it.

When the Bible says wives submit to husbands, some people get hostile and view it as master and slave. No. Stop it. The wife and husband are one. This is a partnership. A union. Yet, the husband is essentially given the “last word”. Again, this is perfect if the husband fulfills his part in the relationship.

The wife respects her husband by following his lead, yet she is allowed a voice.

I’m not going to get into non romantic elements of marriage like money and household and stuff. I’m looking at the way we treat each other.

Alright, so, with all of that said, does this kind of love exist? Sure it does.

I think the media plays a role in redefining true love. It’s a fairy tale, especially for the ladies. I think a misconception of what the Bible says makes people act a certain way. Men must have gotten full of themselves with the whole “she submits to you”. Now, women have a resentment of men.

What is the world’s view of true love? Well, if there is no sex, there is no love. That’s one outlook. If we don’t see her…herself, before a ring, we may not love her. He has a great personality but his feet aren’t big enough.

Sex is not the center of romantic love, but it has a serious impact. Whether admitting it or not, having multiple partners just for the heck of it takes a lot out of the meaning from the sacred act.

We’ve become numb to this private act, and I think we feel like true love doesn’t exist because we imagine it special. But, the world has made it into as common as a handshake so now there’s nothing to it. Sex.

You know, the Bible is against using sex as leverage. Your body belongs to your spouse. You can’t withhold that because of an argument. Mutual agreement must be made to have or not have.

Combine this with the fact that TV and film families don’t have a biblical functional base, and we have a skewed view of marriage and love. So, it would appear that true love doesn’t exist because we simply don’t see it.

So many broken homes. Cheating spouses. Hate. Homosexuality. What the Bible has defined as true love is completely warped into something different. Unfortunately, I have allowed it to play a role in why I would rather not get involved with such relationships. Is it because I too believe there is no true love?

Until we clean up love, we will continue to struggle with the concept. Ultimately, I believe true love exist. We just have to find it.


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