Love: What About Enemies and Unsaved?

You knew this was coming, kid. We gotta talk about love for the people we may not “want” to love.

We know we are supposed to love our enemies and the Bible does tell us why. It’s a standard thing: God loves us all, and we should as well.

As I have said, love is a choice…perhaps more than a feeling. We surely don’t feel like loving the “bad guys”, but here we are. Jesus calls us on it too. Matthew 5:43-48. In there, He asks us two questions. 1: If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? 2: And if you greet only your people, what are you doing more than others? He compares us doing that to tax collectors and pagans. Yikes.

Jesus then tells us to have perfect love.

Let’s talk about something though. It would appear that God holds more value in loving people who are so called not easy to love versus loving people who are so called easy to love.

You can see a reward isn’t quite earned loving those who love us. We are no better than the world if we greet those who greet us.

You can see the level of seriousness in this love. It also supports my decision vs feeling stance on love. Hard love is…well, hard. But, it must be done to achieve the perfect love. We have defined love already. There are no exceptions to those who receive that love. We need to operate like that. We are not the judges of reception of love. Our job is to give it away. Love, and love, and then love some more.

What about the unsaved? Now, these are not the same as enemies and should not be considered that way. However, in an interesting twist, if you are not of God, you are against Him, so, in a way, this person is an enemy.

Anyway, an unsaved person should be loved. Jesus loved all of us…and all of us were unsaved…enough to die for us. So, you can tell we ought to be showing love to the unsaved.

Loving the unsaved becomes simple then. We love them because they are just lost sheep; just like you were. If you believe in the pay it forward concept, this is the ultimate example.

To dare judge people for not accepting is not showing love. How dare we? Someone had to love us enough to reach down and help us. Show us the truth. We then turn around and become…selfish with this truth. That’s not what love is.

Love everybody. That’s like, the gist…or something.


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