I have written many things. There are things published and things only close friends know about. But, we are about to look at my favorite stuff.

Let me give you a list of my stuff I’m considering.

  • Dante’s Optimism (formerly known as Dante’s Opinion and DALANEL)
  • FanSided
  • Wizards Basketball
  • PHL Sports Fan
  • Interpretations & Illustrations
  • Dante Light Series
  • Dante Ball
  • Dante’s Funny World
  • A New Home and the sequel The Face Off
  • Finding Destiny Trilogy
  • 2000 And Jesus
  • Handbook for my lighting crew
  • Writing for church newsletter
  • Writing for Skyword

5. A New Home… The Face Off

The first real project I did that pretty much got me into creative writing. A New Home is based on real life experiences that my household went through. Originally a short school assignment lasting 20 pages, it is almost 300 pages long. I started it in 2010 and added bit by bit until finally calling it a day in 2015. The sequel was based on one of the main characters.

A New Home had cameos by a lot of family members. All are middle names of the folks. These two works combined is the longest thing I have written.

4. ALF Lighting Handbook

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a Lighting Designer and head of my church’s lighting crew. I needed a resource to help manage my team. Once I realized there was nothing outside, I flexed my technical writing muscles and created a handbook myself.

I loved this project because it combined two loves of mine: Writing and lighting.

3. Dante Light Series

Another project based on lighting. Like I said, finding resources for church lighting was difficult. So, I decided to create a trio of books. One talks about building a lighting ministry. Another is a modified version of my lighting crew’s handbook. The third talks about lighting in the church. These are published and available for purchase.

2. Finding Destiny Trilogy

This is likely my greatest piece of creative writing. If I ever publish any of my plays, this is it. I was inspired to keep writing after A New Home. That was a comedy. Finding Destiny is a drama…mystery. The third part is still being written.

It started as a standalone in 2010-11. Then, in 2014, I got the idea to expand it. I have always hated unnecessary sequels so I needed to add major plot updates that answered questions from part one. I took a lot of risks and…I can’t spoil things.

So, I think you know number one.

1. Dante’s Optimism

What else? Projects have come and gone but DO stands tall, even with the name changes. This is my heart and soul. Here is where I have touched many lives.

I have worked hard on this blog making it a positive experience for all. My goal remains that this is the last writing project I have should I ever stop blogging. I am a blogger first. I blog.