The 10 commandment series continues with this. We honor our parents.

Honoring our parents is so important…right? It’s up to you. If you value living a long life in the land the Lord is giving you, then you’ll honor your parents.

Of course, this goes beyond birth parents. I believe this. I believe the legal guardian who has raised you for the majority of your childhood is your parent. You honor that person because they are “just like a mom to me”.

Here’s where it gets tough: We honor regardless. Here’s the thing. Honoring someone is essentially holding someone with high value and respect. From what I can tell, the commandment does not have an exit clause. There is no “honor your parents unless dad forgets to pick you up from soccer practice”. You honor them under punishment. You honor them through the good and bad.

When you add in the fact that God is our Father, you can see why honoring your parents of any kind is important. Hey look, I ain’t saying daddy is God, but they both deserve high honors.