It took us a while, but finally, the USA and the Bible agree on something: Don’t kill or murder. Let’s ignore the fact that killers are walking freely among us. Convicted killers. Woof.

I will talk about a difference for “kill” and “murder”. For now, let’s continue.

So, why is killing so bad? We determine that life is precious and so, ending it outside of natural causes is usually a sad state of affairs.

Lost potential. Not his time.

For God, He’s the sole judge over who lives and who dies. For you to take matters into your own hands is not approved.

Ah, but there is war. We have seen plenty of times where God sends His people to war and only death is a guarantee in war. Killing is the primary objective. So then, what does God mean when He says not to kill?

The better and more close to original translation is to not murder. To kill and to murder are not exactly the same thing. Both involve ending a life. It’s the intention and circumstance that determines kill or murder.

Murder is to essentially illegally take a life. Kill is to take a life whether it’s by punishment or by accident.

Again, God has encouraged to kill, if only because it’s a by product of war. Old laws saw fit for killing the murderers and adulterers.

But to kill someone because you want to is wrong. That is murder.

So yes, we are not to commit murder. If we must take a life, let God give you the green light, although in these times, it’s highly unlikely He would tell you to do such a thing.

Does this mean we should discontinue war? As Christians, do we pull out of the military? That’s something of a struggle; I would imagine (but I have no idea from a personal experience). To me, I happen to think that’s fine. There’s a time for war as there is a time for peace. God knows this.

Still, the struggle generally comes from the idea that God didn’t specifically ordain particular wars. So, being involved in a war that is not “approved” by God…does that make it right?

I don’t have that answer. I’m not developed enough from an educational standpoint. But, I searched for opinions of others. Should Christians go to war?

I will share a concluding statement from an article I read on such a thing.

We can see that sometimes war is necessary and when a burglar breaks into our homes and threatens our family’s lives, we have every right to defend ourselves. Going to war to defend a nation is no different. There are presently many thousands of Christians who are engaged in war, and countless millions have been throughout this nation’s history. They are not breaking any laws in the Bible. In fact, they are taking up their sword and defending their sovereign nation to preserve our freedoms and one of those precious freedoms that many nations do not have even today is that of religious freedom. Untold millions have died to preserve this freedom and these heroes and heroines are the reason today that we have freedom of worship and freedom not to worship – but only because God’s servants are able to brandish the sword to protect freedom of religion and to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Definitely hit the link. There is another passage that made a very solid point:

This answer to the question stresses the need for war to be limited and controlled by the demands of justice. It should therefore not be waged by the Church or private individuals but only by those who have responsibility more widely for upholding justice in society, what the tradition calls legitimate authority. It should be undertaken in response to serious wrongdoing – there must be a just cause – for which war is a proportionate response. Those fighting should also have the right intention which is not military conquest or economic gain but one of righting the wrong and securing a more just peace for all. Because war is such an extreme, damaging and often unpredictable enterprise it should always be a last resort and have a reasonable chance of success. Such concerns place strong limits on those tempted to resort to war too quickly or for unjustified reasons.

There is more stuff like that around. The agreement is that we should not look forward to war. It is something like a “necessary evil”. But, we must be ready. We must be ready to defend ourselves and to fight for what’s right.

That’s what God wanted originally. So it’s alright to kill……..but we should not murder.