Another commandment that has no legal ramifications in terms of breaking the law. However, unlike the other commandments we talked about, this one can give problems.

One of the original penalties of committing adultery was to be stoned to death. Another was the “scarlet letter” where the wrong doer have to basically “wear the sin” on their head. People knew what you did. I gotta be honest: I wouldn’t mind seeing that today on all of us. A heads up (get it!?) would be nice.

Anyway, cheating on a spouse can backfire in court. For one thing, it’s a completely reasonable reason for divorce. In some cases, you get penalized financially for such actions. So, cheating (or really, getting caught) is not good for you spiritually or physically.

But, why is it wrong, in God’s eyes?

God views marriage as something sacred and permanent. These vows you take are taken seriously by Him. In fact, we see Jesus talk about how it would take extreme circumstances to approve divorce, with adultery being one of them.

Cheating can be the result of any of the following:

  • No self control (missing fruit of the Spirit)
  • Anger (perhaps in the form of revenge for some act)
  • Lust (could be paired with lack of self control)

I would imagine adultery is willingly cheating. I say this because you can be raped by some random person. Obviously, you have no ill intent here and so God (and I’m assuming the spouse as well) would not consider it cheating.

Another example of why adultery is bad in God’s eyes is because He looks at His son and the church. The book of Revelation really talks about it. The church is Jesus’ bride. An ultimate marriage of sorts. Indeed, God looks at marriage as something very special.

So…ya know…let’s keep our legs closed.