Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. We know this already. God doesn’t want us doing that either. You steal in the USA, and you’re in trouble. Looks like this nation and God agree on something.

Of course, we should look at why we shouldn’t steal in the first place.

Selfishness comes to mind. When we take from others, we’re only thinking of ourselves over how it could harm the victim.

No, I’m sorry, Robin Hood was wrong.

Stealing can lead to these things:

  • Lack of trust, honesty…integrity. How can we look at you, the thief, in loving eyes? We don’t like being around people we can’t trust. Even if you don’t steal from us…it still affects us mentally.
  • Lack of security. We, the victim, feel vulnerable. We feel exposed. This is especially true for people who are victims of home burglaries. We theoretically are safest at home. When that is compromised, we simply don’t feel safe.

There are other ways to steal. There are other victims. You can actually steal from God. Oh yes. You can rob Him of a few things:

  • Credit. When God brings us through, or gives us victory…a promotion as an example…if we don’t explain God’s role, we indeed rob Him.
  • We have spiritual gifts. Key word is gifts. We are supposed to share these things; not horde. If we do, we are stealing from God. We have basically held His gift hostage.
  • Salvation. This one is probably the worst thing you can do: steal people. What? If we send people away from God, then we end up stealing people from God and handing them over to the enemy. Wow.

Yes, stealing is something we simply should not do. Everybody loses in this situation. Stolen before? Got a criminal record? Employers have resources they value very much. Good luck getting a job, especially in finance or retail. Shucks, anywhere.

Don’t steal.

……………………….except in basketball……………..