Huh, this is a very interesting commandment.

We are not supposed to lie…but just about everybody does. I know I do…and that’s no lie.

Here’s the thing: When it comes to lying, there tends to be two main splits on styles. Most of us agree that we really shouldn’t be lying about big things. However, for the smaller things (the things we consider small), we end up with two ways of lying.

Number on is the “white lie”. I don’t know why the color, but I don’t care. A white lie is also known as an innocent lie.

The other one, and this one is tricky to deal with, is the half truth. This is the one where we tell some of the truth, but the whole truth. We hide some information from the person to avoid something. That’s why we gotta ask people to say “nothing but the whole truth”.

An obvious reason not to lie is because we should value being trustworthy. If we can’t be trusted on our word, we don’t have much else going for us.

Look, it’s our own fault that these kinds of lies exists. “Does this make me look fat?” Let’s break down how nobody wins in the end via the truth…if the truth is “yes”.

See, if this person (usually it’s a female asking this question so I’ll say “she”) looks fat in that…whatever, she would rather not know this because she’s probably self-conscious of her figure. You can give the white lie of “nope”. You can half truth it too with “eh, the other dress is better” and just avoid the whole thing.

But no, we live in a world that dreads hearing the truth because the truth can be hard to handle. On the flipside, we have people who are brutally honest. Two extremes.

The featured image for this article is also part of the problem.

Yet, we are suppose to speak the truth…in love. We must stop with the white lies and we must stop being brutal. It might sound like BS but here is a truth in love statement for if she looks fat: “Yes, but you’re still beautiful”. I know…

Sadly, it’s a BS statement because of the society we live in.

In order to easily avoid lies, we need to stop being sensitive to truths that we don’t want to hear and believe that people will really embrace your truthfulness.

Of course, I need to be careful here because truth and honesty are actually two different things. But that’s for another post. For now, let’s concentrate on telling the truth and being honest, in love.