The grand finale. The last of the 10 commandment calls for us not to covet our neighbor’s stuff.

Let’s make sure we know what covet means. Merriam-Webster, take it away!

To desire enviously (what belongs to another)

Alright, so what does “envy” mean?

Painful or resentful awareness of another’s advantages

So then, to covet is to desire something in a painful or resentful way, what belongs to another. I had to look up “envy” because that’s the key word. It’s fine to want what others have. But, to enter a place where you resent what others have and would rather have it yourself is wrong.

Jealousy. Greed. You already know about it. Countless wars are built on a covet of resources that particular land may have. I’m not gonna talk about anything from 2001.

We live in a society that encourages competition of possessions. You have to have it if Bill next door got it. Or better. Bigger.

To covet is a form of materialism. That’s a problem. It’s especially a problem if you plan on going to heaven. You can’t bring this stuff with you, buddy.

It can lead us to break another commandment: stealing. We want what is not ours so bad we’ll just take it.

Another angle: Under appreciation for what God has given to us. Ah. Isn’t that something? We do this many times. We look at others and wonder why we are not in the state they are in.

Let me clear something up. I’m not comparing people in poverty vs mansions. Poor people deserve better.

What I am talking about is stupid stuff. You have a car that gets you from A to B with no problem. It’s seven years old. Mike just grabbed a current year model. You want that car. Instead of appreciating you have reliable transportation, you’re hating on the other guy. God gave you something and it’s not good enough for you. Okay then.

To covet is simply not good for anybody, including God. Be thankful for what you have. Better yet, stop looking at what other people have with those greedy, hateful eyes. You know what? Be happy for them. That’s right. Be happy for the victories of your fellow believers and even non believers.