For the past few years, I’ve been paying attention to my spiritual gifts.

Let’s talk about what these things are.

To keep it simple, when we accept Jesus into our lives, we receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings fruit and gifts. Everybody receives the fruit (or is capable of it) but the gifts are different. Nobody gets all of them and you only have perhaps 2-3. Of course, there is no real rule when it comes to what God wants to do.

Anyway, a spiritual gift is essentially viewed in a few ways:

  • Spiritual personality. Basically, the gifts you have help shape who you are, especially as a child of God.
  • “Superpowers”. In a way, you can view these as special abilities. Some people can heal. Some people can teach. Others can sense evil.
  • Calling. Sometimes, God gives you a gift and wants you to excel with that gift. So, a teacher may be called to be a great professor or something. Somewhere along the line, your gift generally leads to what you should be doing with your life. Specifically, God may desire for you to be worldly compensated as you use your gift in your career.

With all of that said, it’s not easy to figure out what gifts you have, sometimes. Sometimes, you can just tell from life experiences. Other times, others see it in you. Other times, perhaps God directly informs you of it.

Now-a-days, you can take quizzes (just like a personality quiz) to get an idea of what gifts you have. One quiz I took, several times, lists your top three results. Since I am a man of three nipples, as well as a fan of the holy trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, I happen to liken the list of results.

Let me link you to the quiz I took. Go there to see the gifts and descriptions. Take the test yourself as well.

My top three results were always Discernment, Administration, and Serving/Ministering. Administration was number one twice, I think. Discernment was top once. It’s been years and sometimes I change answers but still get the same general results.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about my experiences using these gifts.


In case you didn’t care for the link, this is the gift of basically being able to tell good and evil. Truth and lies. I can also tell who is behind a statement or situation (God, enemy, whatever).

My mom always said I had this gift because, for as long as I can remember, I have been able to predict or sense something bad about to happen in my life. Whenever I hear about something, if I think it’s bad news, I know immediately. This extends to people too. A lot of times, all I have to do is look at a person for the first time and know if there is something wrong.

The problem is, it was always personalized. So, it’s like some sort of “spidey sense” for me. But, I was never wrong. If I did not avoid the person or situation after getting my warning, it usually hurt me in the end. But, I didn’t think was discernment.

No, the first time I seriously believed I had this gift was several years ago. We had a guest pastor visit my church. His companion (I guess wife but I forget) came up on the center platform and asked everyone to repeat after her. So, that’s what I did.

I always pay attention to what is said.

She said something about Jesus’ blood and I stopped. I wish I remember exactly what she said but it wasn’t right. I had no biblical answer for why it wasn’t right. I just knew it was not right.

But another incident was a clincher for me. I sensed and then witnessed a possessed man have his demon cast out. This happened last year, bro.

Look, I have been an usher for quite the number of years. I would usher each week and do both of our services. I knew people, alright?

This man was walking around the pastors’ box/pit. He had the appearance of speaking in tongues.

Back up. I was in the balcony before the beginning of our first service. Most of the sanctuary is empty. This was one of the first weeks we were doing lighting for our services. So yeah, I’m watching from above. He’s walking around like a buzzard waiting for something to die.

One of our reverends came in from the other side of the sanctuary. His eyes were on the man the whole time he walked over to him. The reverend reached the man and laid hands on him. I was in the balcony so I couldn’t hear everything, but the reverend would yell out “we cast out” and “we rebuke” and stuff.

As an usher, I never saw this man before.

While he was basically screaming, he got louder. As he got louder…for lack of a better term, the sanctuary felt heavier. Like…humidity but not so. Indeed, when the yelling stopped, and the man left, things felt better.

I always wondered about that reverend. Did God tell him to cast out? Did the reverend know immediately what needed to be done once he saw and heard the man? All I know is, I sensed evil but didn’t realize it until it was cast out.


There is a gift of Leadership, and then there is the gift of Administration, which is considered a leadership type gift.

Difference? You can probably tell but Administration is task oriented while Leadership tends to be more people oriented.

I think I will quote part of the description from the link to really clarify this gift: With this gift the Holy Spirit enables certain Christians to organize, direct, and implement plans to lead others in the various ministries of the Church.

That’s me. I look at my lighting ministry as a perfect example. I have created handbooks, training programs, and more. As a Lighting Designer, I’m in charge of planning the design for services, events, and productions. I do lead a team of technicians. Apparently, not everybody can do this, as this is a gift. To me, it feels very easy to do. I built a ministry from the ground up and didn’t really break a sweat.

There have been plenty of other times I have led teams, but they were outside of church. Again, I am a task oriented leader, basically. Doesn’t mean I don’t like people (I sort of don’t though) but I focus on the…”administrative” work of leadership.


This was one I didn’t even realize was a gift. This gift is where someone is basically a swiss army knife. They can do many things in the church. They can be plugged anywhere and succeed. Another aspect of this gift is this is a support gift. We tend to be behind the scenes people as more “stage” talent/gifts are seen.

Being part of the lighting team would emphasize willing to work behind the scenes. Being an usher as well. Helping out as a member of the security team and building management team also work. I do those and more odd jobs around the church. People know about some; others are kept a secret.

Do I have a favorite among the three? That’s a tough call. I love what each of them bring out of me, but I think I’ll have to go with Discernment. I actually know why:

  • I mentioned “spidey sense” as a way to describe it. I’m a HUGE Spider-Man fan.
  • Seems like something that involves a lot of work to use properly. I love a good challenge.
  • Fits my personality in a way. I’m always the guy that brings up the “but” in something. People get caught up in the excitement of something but I generally keep a level head and like to think about stuff.
  • Other that I know have this gift had their lives saved. A sister of mine told me of how, when approached to go somewhere, she received a sign of her own that told her not to. The location was struck with tragedy via gun violence. Not only can this directly save yourself, but others too. All of the gifts are powerful, but you can see the power in this on.

I love the gifts I have been given and I strive to make the best of them. I do not focus on what others have. You should not do that. Be thankful for what you have. As I look at myself, I see my personally and strengths do indeed match my gifts. Seems like it’s a perfect fit and I imagine it would be for you too.