Blogging Shifts

As I continue my blogging journey, I realize some things work out and others fail.

Let’s talk.

As you may have noticed, Dante’s Opinion has made a return. I’m hoping to keep it daily. I am also hoping to create a weekly post that is basically in the same format as Daily Good Stuff. No, it’s not going to be called Weekly Good Stuff.

I’m making this blog…hoo boy..this blog is named after me and so will the featured posts. Dante’s Opinion is the original name and theme of this blog so that’s easy to explain. But yeah, this weekly feature will be Dante’s “something”. I just have to figure out what that something is.

Those are additions. Now, for the subtractions. I think I’m going to shut down Dante’s Funny World. For one thing, since I’m bringing back the daily good stuff type of posts, which consisted of funny material, it makes no sense to have two places doing the same thing.

I am also probably going to shut down Dante Ball. This site was about professional athletes named Dante. This is a big maybe because I may have a change of heart in the next month or so. We’ll see.

The blog layout/theme…I may play with some new looks but that’s not a guarantee.

These are somewhat minor tweaks. My goal is to blog more often. More than that, grow as a blogger and as a writer.

The weekly post may need a couple of weeks before it appears. I have to determine the content. I’m looking at these possibilities:

  • Jokes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Funny images
  • Inspirational images
  • Positive news
  • Weird/funny news

As you can see, it’s mostly a pairing of positive and funny. Also, very similar to Daily Good Stuff, for those of you that remember. It’s all based on two hashtags: #DanteOptimism and #DanteFunny. I probably will create a #DantePositive too. So, it would be Site (#DanteOptimism), Humor (#DanteFunny), and Positive (#DantePositive). Something like that so you can filter out my glorious work.

Now, for social media. My hub is Twitter. That’s where most of my action is. However, it turns out Instagram is where I post images that will likely appear on this blog. It works the other way as well. So, if you like this blog’s image postings; my Instagram feed will have more of that. The beauty? Instagram is connected to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, when I post there, they show up on those spots. So, technically, you don’t need to follow me on Instagram if you’re liking me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. But, if you’re only on Instagram, then go ahead and follow. Instagram is locked; so just request to follow me. I am blocking out the porn bots and such. I want my following to be organic. I really should do that on Twitter too. Hm.

I have a bunch of pages on Facebook. They are going to be unpublished. I am going to have to let go of Path. I’m consolidating and condensing and whatever. The only reason why Tumblr is still connected is because there is a following. Lord knows I don’t remember the password for that account. I really should get back in there. Based off of what happens there, I may or may not keep it.

As usual, this blog is my ultimate center. This is the last thing to be standing if I leave the blogging or writing game. If you don’t see this blog anymore, I have officially checked out…or something terrible happened where I lost the blog.



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