Dante’s Opinion: Pick a career that you love or that pays more?


I am going to start school next month and I am stuck between wanted be be a professorial animal groomer and eventually start my own business (Thats what I really want to do) But my husband doesn’t like that at all, he is pushing me to do medical transcription so I can work from home and be home with our son and get paid more. He does have a point, but I know I wouldn’t be happy doing it. Am I selfish for wanting to pick the least paying job?

There are sides to this.

People get a job for the money, but can end up unhappy. Depression in the workplace is very real. To be stressed doing a job you don’t care about vs what you love doing…at least enjoy the work, ya know?

Then again, if the job isn’t all that well paying, you may have to consider letting go of that love or find another one.

Concerning your specific situation, from what I can tell, work from home jobs don’t really work out. That’s not to say it can’t this time, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

People love their pets. Animals are big. Starting your own business is something I would go after. Just make sure you take plenty of business courses along the way. Keep an eye out for expanding into all things animal to broaden your reach.

As for the general debate of doing what you love, or doing what pays more, I’ll probably share in another post. Maybe.


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