Dante’s Opinion: Should I Tell My Girlfriend to Get A Boob Job?


Should i tell me girlfriend to get a boob job? me girlfriend has the itty bitties and i’m a big boob kinda guy in fact it’s my biggest turn on to see a big set of jugs. so as u can tell i’m not that attractd to me girlfriend because of this.

First of all, we need to talk about the grammar. Oy!

I warn my sisters of people like you. I strive to make sure I personally don’t reach this mindset.

The problem here is not your girlfriend’s boobs. The problem is that you’re not attracted to a person. A nasty soul with big boobs is better than someone with great character and…not so big boobs? That’s what it sounds like to me. You want plastic? I think I’ll keep the girl as real as possible. I want her as she is. If I don’t like what I see, let me find it. Let her be her.

I have five sisters, one of them early teens, one late teens, and two early twenties. I can’t imagine how they would feel if some dude that they liked decided their boobs were too small. The self esteemed destroyed…sigh…would be hard to repair.

But, oops, let me get to your question, bro. No, you should not tell her to do that. You should not tell her to do anything with HER body. I’ll take a seat now.


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