Dante’s Opinion: Are people being rude to hog up the sidewalk?

The question for today is a little odd.

I was going for a walk and a couple people who were walking kept walking so slow in front of me and there was no room for me to walk around. I tried to walk around them but they kept taking up the whole entire sidewalk with walking in the middle. I even said: “Excuse me, could I please get through?” Then the person just looked at me funny and acted like I was crazy for asking. The guy who was with her said: “You need to learn to wait. She is walking as fast as she can!” Then I argued: “That’s not the point. The point is you guys are hogging up the entire sidewalk when you have room on the other side to stay to the right when people are trying to pass!” Were they rude or was I being rude?

My first instinct is to simply move around them if there’s a problem. Go in the street or grass area. I mean, that’s what I would do. But, I’ll play along with your question.

This is really interesting because I never heard of this happening. Like I said, you would walk around via outside of the sidewalk. But, I like what you said when asking to get through. Problem is, I wonder about the tone of voice. If you sounded harsh, you may have escalated the situation. So then, you were being rude.

Their response to your question leads me to believe that, indeed, you may have sounded harsh. I’ll say this; the person who looked at you funny is probably thinking the same thing I said before. I found that to be funny.

Anyhoo, I would imagine the guy telling you to wait because the girl was moving as fast as she could would be the end of it. Thing is, you came in with an interesting “principle” comment. But then, in my mind, I’m trying to understand it all. Of course, I imagine they are walking side by side. If that is the case, then you were asking for them to walk single file? If I’m walking with somebody, I’m likely walking side by side.

Another point is, I don’t think they are rude for taking up the sidewalk as you say. I mean, I do wish they at least split up so you could get through, but even then, they didn’t have to.

I think I shouldn’t have taken this question, my God. The more I write, the more I feel like I am wasting my time. People reading this are wasting their time. What am I doing? What is this? Just…was there no street available? I can understand if you didn’t walk on someone’s property if you were in the neighborhood. But, come on. This whole thing was not even necessary. Wow.


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