It’s October. It’s been a rough, unpleasant year. It’s been a failure and I’m already looking at 2017.

I did want to look at this year from a writing and blogging standpoint.

I made some progress on my audiobook of my book Interpretations & Illustrations, but it’s painful recording, especially since I am beginning to dislike my voice even more than usual.

The Kindle version of the book is back on the market. It’s once again part of the Matchbook program on Amazon. If you buy the print version, you get Kindle for free. So, once the audiobook is done, I’ll have a trilogy of options for you.

I have been doing freelance writing for a digital magazine; Sunday Mag.

I am now a staff writer for Sports Talk Philly. I cover the Philadelphia 76ers in my return to the sports writing world.

Dante’s Optimism has obviously been active. My weekly posts, Dante Funny, and Dante Positive, will debut on Monday. Dante’s Opinion is doing as well as I thought it would.