Dante’s Opinion: Are Writers Considered Artists?

Interesting and personal question:

Are writers considered artists?

Yes…and no…

There are a lot of styles of writing, but, you could sort of place them in one of two categories: Informative and creative. Examples…


  • Academic
  • Reporting/Journalism
  • Technical


  • Poetry
  • Playwriting
  • Novelist

There are more for both groups. The difference is that informative serves to let the public know certain information while the creative side tugs on our entertainment side. That’s a bad word.

A writer that is potentially considered an artist is going to be from the creative side, as art is the creation of something, usually based off of imagination. Writers can be good at one side or the other or both. I have done both sides (and my book touches on both sides). If I had to pick, I prefer writing my plays, man. I love creative writing but, again, I can tackle both.

I could go on since this is an area of expertise, but we’ll stop here.


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