So, you’ve enjoyed all of these Dante’s Opinion posts and are wondering how can you get my opinion on something? Well, this post will help you!

Nothing is off limits. It can be as sick or personal as you want. But, it better be serious. If I sense a troll, I’m walking out.


You can email me your question(s) at dalanel@aol.com. I check on it every day. I would encourage you to add as much detail as possible so I have something to work with without assuming so much.

Social media

Message me on Twitter or Facebook. I check on those the most.

Blog comment

You can comment on whatever here; but I hope you either comment on this post or my page dedicated to such things, Dante’s Opinion.

Those are the ways you can get my opinion. Now, don’t be showing up in nothing but underwear outside of my house asking who I would kiss, bang, or marry. It’s 2am! Go to sleep!