A couple years ago a student at my school died due to complications of asthma (her lung collapsed) after her death the school kinda stopped talking about her after a month and gave her her own page in the yearbook as a tribute, that’s it. My friend has asmtha also and expressed her concern about the same scenario happening to her then I said “well if you die, you’ll get your own page in the yearbook” I didn’t think it was that bad but their reactions said otherwise. They’ve recently confronted me about my offensive humour and I think this might have put them over the edge.

Let’s first start off with the fact I probably would’ve said the same thing. I also have asthma so this is a real conclusion for me. With all of that said, I honestly think your comment wasn’t meant to be offensive. However, it would be wise to apologize to your friend.

Your last sentence is telling, though. Apparently, as you say, this could be a collective reaction to your type of humor. It might be wise to lay low for a little while.