Dante’s Opinion: If He Says You’re Like a Sister, Would He Ever Be Interested in Dating?

I guess at some point I had to run into something close to home.

I really love my guy friend and want to be more than just friends, but he said I’m like a sister to him. Would he ever see me as something more, or is that just in movies?

Well, that’s really interesting. I have a girl who is my sister but we are not related biologically or legally. So, she would be “like a sister” to me. We’ve played with the idea or possibility of something happening but it usually ends with “anything’s possible”. I actually think it’s healthy to address it.

The thing with the two of us, we’ve had a sibling relationship and mindset since we were little kids. We’re in our 20’s now. For us, it would probably take a bit of events to turn that mindset around and become romantically involved.

I will put myself in your shoes and simply state I am in love with her. This is hypothetical. Okay, so let’s say I am in love with her and I know she’s not returning the favor at this time. Would she ever love me in that way?

Remember that quote earlier? “Anything’s possible”. She said that originally. This implies to me one day she could love me and one day I could love her. I share this same cliché with you. Anything is possible. I don’t know how likely, but it’s possible.

In fact, I think it’s more likely for you depending on how long you have been a “sister”. Again, me and my sister have spent nearly 20 years in that frame of mind. At least for me, it’s sunk in as a way of life. From the way she publically acknowledges our relationship, I think she’s the same way. We also have an age gap of 4-5 years, so that could also be a factor. I’m at the point where if I did develop feelings, I’d probably keep them to myself simply because I wouldn’t want to ruin what we already have.

So yeah, for you two, he might just be in a certain phase in the relationship. He could eventually shift and this is very common to happen outside of the movies. I wouldn’t rush that process but I can understand that fire in your heart. The fact that he loves you at all is important here. Like, he could have said “like you as a friend” or something like that. A sister is automatically in the love category. So yeah, it could definitely happen.


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