Dante’s Opinion: Can a girl and guy be best friends?

Well now, let’s take a look at this one:

Ok so I’m 16 she is 15 and my friends tell me that we can’t always just be best friends but why not and that it will turn into something else? I mean sure we do spend most of our time together I get along better with her than anyone else I know we always hang out together and play games, draw or even just quietly read together cause idk it just feels nice that way.

And yeah when my college classes are over she always meets me outside and we will go hang around town and have fun. We text and facetime all the time sure but is this really weird behavior for best friends? We can stay best friends like this right?

I’m not sure where it came from that opposite genders can’t be just best friends. It’s very true that it can grow into something more simply because of how you are wired. But, it seems like it doesn’t have to be that way, automatically.

Fact is, for me, the majority of close relationships have been with a female. And I’m talking about outside of the family, here. I think the last time I had a best friend who was a guy was second grade, which is also the last time I had a best friend in general.

I think what you two do is completely adorable fine. Best friends do this all of the time. It just so happens you’re opposite genders. People can be of different races. Believe in different religions. I think anybody can be best friends with anybody.

Can it grow into something more? Sure it can. Nothing wrong with that. But, don’t let that determine your relationship. Don’t worry about what others say. You know what kind of relationship you have. You know how you feel. That’s all that matters.


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