Dante’s Opinion: Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

The timeless debate.

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

It depends. Here are three areas if we want to specify:

  • Taste
  • Scent
  • Color


Usually, you find chocolate and vanilla via ice cream as the hot topic of which is better. I definitely prefer chocolate over vanilla ice cream. But then, it gets hard from there. There is chocolate candy but then white chocolate candy. Vanilla with the Coke or Pepsi. Chocolate and Vanilla don’t meet that often, which is really interesting. Ultimately, tasting chocolate anything is a treat while tasting vanilla is not something I do on purpose.


Have you even been to Hershey Park and ride that…I forget what it’s called but it takes you through the process of how the chocolate is made. Anyway, there’s a part of the ride that is filled with chocolate scent. It’s a nice scent. I like smelling chocolate. HOWEVER, I also like the scent of vanilla. Geez. If I go with candles, it’s going to be vanilla. You know, they have body spray with chocolate scent. When I saw that, I actually got a little sick. So yeah, vanilla.


Paint. Clothes. Light (c’mon, this lighting designer HAD to mention light). These two are definitely used as identification of color. So, which is better to look at? That’s a tough call because I don’t know when I’ve seen these colors in my every day life. It’s funny; at least with the RGB color model, vanilla and chocolate are part of the same hue. Well, sort of. Chocolate is from the Orange-Brown hue while Vanilla is from the Orange-Yellow hue. That’s too funny. Since I know light, I will base my preference on that. When I look at those colors, I like the appearance of vanilla more.

So, there you have it. Out of those three categories, I guess I prefer vanilla. I literally just learned something new about myself today. Wow.


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